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Abingdon Mullin


Abingdon Mullin is the President of Abingdon Foundation. Abingdon had the passion to create this Foundation in 2017, and after recruiting the initial Board members with an exploratory panel in October 2017, officially launched Abingdon Foundation November 3, 2017. Abingdon is our visionary. She sets the strategic goals and inspires the Board to take this organization to places the STEAM industry hasn’t yet been. She is an experienced leader, passionate adventurer, and talented aviator in diverse areas of the field.


Abingdon is the CEO of The Abingdon Co. and as such makes major corporate decisions, manages the company's overall resources and operations, and communicates with the staff, management team, and corporate operations. This groundbreaking company was the first to launch aviation watches for women, and in 11+ years of operation now has multiple lines of watches for those in the aviation, diving, travel, and motorsports industries. There’s more to her company than that, though, including the mentoring and scholarship initiative she started early on which has become a spin-off and now fully established 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Abingdon Foundation.


Abingdon is one of those old-school polymaths; she holds diverse interests along with deep skills in multiple fields including aviation (ferrying airplanes worldwide under austere conditions), outdoor exploration (she recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, scuba dives, and snowboards), psychology and film (earning a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of California, San Diego), and is now becoming a mechanics expert delving into motorsports, driving, and earning a shiny new Part 107 Drone Pilot Certificate.


Together with her husband Shawn and their pet drone, Herbie, they live in Las Vegas, NV and are an active part of the aviation, philanthropic, and business development scene there. Abingdon has set out to empower women in STEAM fields by first setting the example and then providing the means.