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The Abingdon Foundation exists to empower and accelerate the female pursuit of more than just STEAM fields, either recreationally or professionally through conversation, education, outreach, sponsorship, and networking. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


The time is right for women everywhere to evolve their passions into their own unique expressions of careers and lifestyles unrestricted by traditions, glass ceilings or any other limitations. The Abingdon Foundation strives to influence, encourage and embolden women in their pursuits of extraordinary lives through scholarships, community outreach & networking opportunities.


In 2018, the foundation distributed scholarships to women interested in aviation at the Women In Aviation conference and Heli-Expo; women interested in outdoor fields at the SHOT Show; and women interested in scuba diving at DEMA. Using these conferences as a backdrop, we are able to introduce recipients to women of influence in their respective STEAM fields so that they can develop their own networks with groups of supportive women that can help guide them on their path. Knowledge is fostered. Connections are made. A community is built.


In 2019, we plan on distributing at least four scholarships building on the STEAM fields that are part of our focus.