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Photo by Kristi Cherry

As a kid were you fascinated with paper airplanes? How about building airplane models? According to Federal Aviation Administration as of December 31, 2017, 7% of pilots are women and 29% of aviation workers (ex: mechanic, flight attendant, dispatcher, and engineer) are women.

As a woman in aviation your career options could include being:

  • A commercial or private pilot of airplanes or helicopters

  • An air traffic controller

  • Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanic and technician

  • A government employee with the United States Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard


Helicopters can be used for a number of things including water rescue, monitoring traffic with cameramen, and short trips.


Aviation fields have also expanded to include drones. Drones with cameras are popular and can assist with a city or state’s economic development by taking aerial photographs of a town to help with planning. They can also assist in agriculture to help monitor livestock and crop growth. As drone technology increases this field will continue to grow. Learn more about the growth of the aviation industry by reading our fact sheet.