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Computer Science

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Do you love computers? Do you wonder how they work or how a specific program or product works? It doesn’t matter what industry you want to be in having experience in computer science is extremely beneficial. Technology is growing and the outlook for jobs is extremely positive for anyone wanting to get into this area. This area includes everything from working in IT and designing the IT systems, developing video games, making a car smarter, or developing the next cell phone software.


Computer science covers a large range of focus including:

  • Computer programming

  • Hardware engineer

  • Software developer

  • Systems manager

  • Web developer

  • Software engineer

  • Database administrator

  • It Architect

  • Network administrator

  • Systems analyst

  • Security analyst

  • Information researcher


Today only about 17% of computer science graduates are female. The sky is the limit in this field, especially for women! Universities and companies are seeking more diversity in their engineering or IT departments. Learn more about the growth of the aviation industry by reading our fact sheet.