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Construction is a field that is evolving. A woman in construction could work in a residential setting building large or tiny homes; or, in a commercial area building shopping centers, business centers, or hotels among many other things.


Construction workers need to learn about the abundance of materials that are available and learn what items will work per region. While architects mostly design the exterior and interior of a structure they must work with the electrical engineer, interior designer, and also be familiar with all of the materials available to them. Women are unique in this industry because there are things that they think of that mean don’t. For example, if you have ever stayed in a hotel where the shower is separate from the sink and mirror area chances are that hotel was designed by a woman who was conscious of the effects of humidity to the hair.


As a woman in construction your career options could include being a:

  • Civil engineer

  • Carpenter

  • Architecture

  • Building Inspectors

According to a recent report, only 9.1% of the construction workforce are women. Learn more about the growth of the construction industry by reading our fact sheet.