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Liz Fettes

Director of Marketing

Liz Fettes is the Director of Marketing for Abingdon Foundation. Liz joined the board in 2019 and was selected because of her passion to empower women, not just in STEAM fields, but in business, personal safety, and health. She is collaborative in her methods and always makes a team feel stronger. We wanted that passion fully expressed at Abingdon Foundation, and Liz is our forerunner. Her background in business development and marketing, particularly in sports, entertainment, and travel, helps us see not just organizational potential, but enjoyment of big experiences for people.


Liz lights up a room. She has an ability to tell stories that inspire and make us feel that we can do anything. When she says “engagement,” we really feel it. We’re inspired to succeed.


With over a dozen years in marketing, Liz creates innovative brand development for global businesses in travel and tourism. She’s the AVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy for Premier Worldwide Marketing. Liz also works with Women in Distress and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Her dedication to women and organizations that help people at times of challenge makes us feel like we can do more, work bigger, and make a difference.


Liz is an advocate of education, so she’s always reading something great, learning new things, and helping others do the same. She’s that person who smiled at you today and offered you help when you needed it. If you saw a friendly stranger today, it was probably Liz.


Residents of Plantation, FL, Liz and her husband Michael have a 165 pound French Mastiff named Patrick. They travel, work out, and are real family people. Really, we just want to meet the dog. Seriously- that’s a big dog.