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Deanna Morris-Stacey

Educator, Diver

"I found my open water diver card in an old wallet at the bottom of a storage box. When I found the card I was instantly flooded with memories. I am entering a different stage in my life and I hope to rekindle the passions I have for experiencing life to the fullest. I want to travel to heights, see the world, dive greater depths."


Deanna has been with the Tennessee Board of Regents system office since 2006. She is the Director of Economic and Community Development Programs and Initiatives for the Office of Economic and Community Development. Prior to her current role she worked in the Office of Community Colleges supporting and leading key initiatives related to the Complete College Tennessee Act which included implementing portions of the Huron Study on Administrative Efficiency, as well as assessing the effectiveness of the Business Process Model Project. 

Deanna previously worked in the Office of Organizational Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives, most notably leading and supporting the efforts of the Completion Delivery Unit and the Maxine Smith Fellows Program. The goal of the Completion Delivery Unit was to work with the college and university campuses and focus on collaboration to achieve the goal of increasing college attainment in Tennessee. One of the priority strategies to help achieve this goal was the Access to Success initiative which focused on narrowing the achievement gaps for low-income and underrepresented minority students in the TBR system. She also coordinated the Maxine Smith Fellows program for 10 years. The Maxine Smith Fellows Program was created to help increase the number of qualified applicants from underrepresented groups within the TBR system for senior level administrative positions.


Prior to joining TBR, Deanna managed the startup phase of a new proprietary college as the Director of Education. She managed the assignment of researching, assessing, evaluating, developing and implementing compliance requirements that lead to the institutions successful accreditation. In this role she worked with faculty and local business and industry to develop
programs that would prepare students for entry into high demand fields. Deanna received her Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee and her Master of Arts in Education from Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. She currently holds a professional teacher license and is endorsed to teach both middle and high school English.

Scholarship Creative Submission

Deanna is a professional educator, and she knows how to help people learn, find the best fit for their skills, and transform their interests into a career of their dreams. She wanted to help Abingdon Foundation expand our educational offerings and has created STEAM industry fact sheets that we'll be using for outreach and education. She submitted nearly a dozen completed fact sheets and is working on more. Look for them on our website! Her creative submission really helped clarify industry information for the Abingdon Foundation audience.

Deanna's 2018 Scuba Diving Conference Experience