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Denise Wiktor, ESQ

Director of Scholarships

Denise Wiktor is the Director of Scholarships for Abingdon Foundation. Denise joined the board in 2017 and was selected because of her superb analytical skills and legal expertise. She’s the one who keeps us on a straight line and ensures we’re doing everything right.


Denise is Corporate Counsel at Community Capital Corporation and practices general law. She’s become an enthusiast of nonprofit work and does pro-bono legal work for her local community park. Denise has previously run a private law practice and worked in both the public and the private sector. Her long history of service to people is the example we all strive to emulate. She has a true grasp of people and what motivates them, making her well-suited for work with our Scholarship applicants. Denise really roots for you to thrive.


After receiving her BA from the University of Texas at Austin, she received her JD from Antioch School of Law. She continues to research areas of public policy, nonprofit organizations, and workforce affairs.


Denise spent time as a National Park Ranger at the Old Post Office tower in Washington, DC. She was also a practicing lawyer and would go to court in the morning and then work the evening shift as a Park Ranger. She knows a lot of history about our government and capital and loves to make the crowd smile.


A resident of Washington, DC, Denise spends her time with her husband Steve and family. She also enjoys sewing, reading, or hiking. The cats (Malcolm and Angus) keep them company as they renovate their historic home.