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Photo by Obregonia D. Toret

A role as a director or a producer in the entertainment industry covers many fields. These people are the ones behind the scenes of every television show or film. Directors oversee the development of the film or television show. They tend to be more creative. Producers are in charge of hiring the staff, finding the funding, schedules, and budgets. Over the past 10 years, the technology in film and television has changed drastically which has helped create films including Avatars, A Wrinkle In Time, and Toy Story. The possibilities in the entertainment industry as a director or producer are endless.


As someone in the entertainment industry as a director or producer you could explore any of the following industries:

  • Camera operator

  • Stage, motion picture, television, radio, or broadcasting

  • Editors

  • Multimedia artists and animators

  • Audio and Video Technicians

  • Lighting Technicians


Women and Hollywood have produced some excellent statistics on women in the entertainment industry including 50% of all moviegoers are females. Download the fact sheet to learn more.