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Holley Gardel

Helicopter Pilot

"I plan to have a successful career in helicopter aviation, and to some day serve as a mentor to women coming up in the field. As your scholarship recipient, and someone who uses your product daily, I do feel in ways like a representative of your company and I intend to make you proud."


Holley is a commercial helicopter pilot from Colorado. She’s a volunteer for the Whirley Girls helping raise scholarship money for other women in the helicopter fields. She spent several years and a couple of degrees working on a career in ecology. Ecology took her to Antarctica and Antarctica introduced her to aviation, which has become the focus of her professional path. She currently holds Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft – Helicopter and Certified Flight Instructor, Rotorcraft – Helicopter Certificates with experience in the BH206L-3, BH206B3, F28-F, 300C, and R44. Holley now works as a pilot doing powerline surveys using LiDAR equipment all across the United States. Previously, she worked as Flight Coordinator and Crewmember and received considerable training in the BH206L-3 in the mountains of Colorado. After a lot of hard work, Holley is achieving her goals in aviation, and more.

Scholarship Creative Submission

Holley's winning entry for the 2018 Helicopter conference was a video. She described in detail how she helps other women in the Helicopter field and in aviation. Her passion is to represent the companies and products she likes well, and Abingdon Foundation is no exception. 

Holley's 2018 Helicopter Conference Experience