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Khodani Davhana

Aviation Enthusiast

"I can say I have begun the greatest adventure of my life by pursuing my dream of being a pilot. However, I also understand that a purposeful life reaches out a giving hand to another."


Khodani Davhana is a young South African female private pilot and is currently working on her Commercial Pilot License (CPL). She is also a graduate with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

She was very excited to subscribe and become a member of Women in Aviation International (WIA) because she got the opportunity to engage with people who have experience and are so willing to develop and cultivate the aviation industry in their areas. She also appreciated the culture of willingness to help others and raise awareness about aviation around the world. She searched for a WIA chapter in South Africa, and to her disappointment, it had been discontinued. She is currently restarting the chapter. Her dream is not only to be among the best pilots Africa has produced, but to also add value to the aviation industry in Africa. Her goal is to be part of a team that will demonstrate to hopeful, young dreamers that they, too, can become that which they desire to be. She wants to show young girls in Africa that, even with the various challenges that plague Africa, a tenacious-spirit will make them rise above.

Scholarship Creative Submission

Khodani's winning entry for the 2018 Women in Aviation Conference was a collection of African-inspired watch bands. She sent a PowerPoint presentation of her creations, and shipped us her handmade watch bands. Her passion for aviation and the various African cultures shows with her unique storytelling through these actual watch bands made from beautiful and interesting resources. 

Khodani's 2018 WAI Experience