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Captain Natalie Berman


Natalie Berman is the Secretary for Abingdon Foundation. Natalie joined the board in 2017 and was selected because of her detail orientation, depth of knowledge about aviation and other STEAM fields, and dedication to the support of women in nontraditional fields. Natalie is the one who shepherds us along this difficult yet important endeavor. As the Secretary, she is Director of Administration and runs the Board meetings.


Natalie is a Captain at Spirit Airlines and has an impressive resume in aviation. She has been a mentor to many who seek to pursue an airline career, want to learn about aviation or inquire about other daring career pursuits.


In addition to those caring qualities, Natalie has a diverse background in the arts. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, French, and German from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, with one year of study at Fribourg University in Switzerland. She received her pilot certifications from Delta Connection Academy in Sanford, FL. Currently residing in East Dundee (Chicago), IL, she is also heavily involved with Women in Aviation International, the 99s, Animal House Shelter, and the Girl Scouts.


You can find Natalie traveling around the world on a whim or on a carefully planned trip. She’s an adventurer who enjoys hiking, skiing and exploring. Then she comes home to her three 3 Welsh Terriers - Rascal, Bandit, and Chewy and plans another adventure, airline trip, or Foundation goal.