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Photo by Mali Maeder

As a woman in the nautical industry, your days could be spent on a boat, ship, or a barge controlling water traffic. Other nautical careers include ship engineers, Marine Oilers, and motorboat operators. Nautical photography is also important as new boats are developed for commercial and recreational use. Another area is more of a design element for recreational boat owners who like to have distinguished nautical furnishings.

As someone in the nautical industry you could work in any of the following industries:

  • Water transportation

  • A boat captain or crewmember

  • Shiphands

  • Mechanic

  • Interior design

  • Safety inspector


Only 2% of nautical workers are female according to Safety4Sea

A career in the nautical fields most likely will be located on a coast, but can cover a broad range of industries including oil and gas.

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