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Su Laing

Sporting Association leader, Range Safety expert

"I'm an artist...a martial artist...a mom...an [outdoorswoman]...an archer, a shooter. And all too frequently, I'm the only woman in the room. I don't [see] other women where I spend much of my time. With your help, I plan to change that...I have plans. Big ones."


My name is Su Laing, and I'm the only woman in the room...

Usually. But I'm working on it.

I'm an artist and an art teacher. I love helping women find their creative voice.

I'm a martial artist, I teach self-defense to women. I'm a Mom to two young girls. I've been a victim of domestic violence. I'm a member of Washington Outdoor Women, an archer, a shooter. And all too frequently, I'm the only woman in the room. I've grown so used to that sad fact that I don't expect to find other women where I spend much of my time.

I'm on the Board of Directors at Interlake Sporting Association, a small outdoor range in Redmond, WA. Interlake has been around since 1947 and I am the first woman to be elected to their Board. I'm a leader and decision-maker at ISA. I would say that I'm trying to lead by example, but there goes that "only woman in the room" thing again. In other words, there aren't many women around to see that what I'm doing isn't impossible for women.

I have led many initiatives for women in shooting sports and personal safety in the King County, WA area, and I have plans to grow.

Scholarship Creative Submission

Su is teaching a self defense and personal safety class. This live performance video will be shared on our website in the coming months. Look for Su's expert skills and learn from her safety and defense expertise.

Su just won the 2019 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor conference scholarship! She will share her thoughts after the conference.